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Nina McGarva is a French/British glass artist based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

This webpage is dedicated to showing a portfolio of her jewellery line and information about and where to purchase them.


Glass is a complex material, and the process of making a pattern with color can be very technical. The colored patterns are made of molten and fused glass then pulled into rods called murrine. These murrine are then chopped, fused again, carved and drilled.


Her jewelry is a part of a continuous nature inspired pattern study for future glass sculptures.


Nina started working with glass in 2007 at L'Ecole nationale du verre in France. After 4 years learning glass blowing she went to art school at the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts, on Bornholm, where she continued glass blowing but also opened her mind to kiln work techniques like fusing and casting. In those 3 years she found her own path through to what she wanted to create with glass.


Since then she has been awarded several residencies in the USA, and has shown her work in exhibitions in Europe and the USA.



Nina's sculptural work  ninacassonmcgarvaglass.com


Tél : 07821684226

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